Social Media–Not for Everybody

My nephew is looking for a car. He really likes the Audi A series. He also he has 5 kids and doesn’t make a whole lot of money. A lightly used mini-van might be a better choice for his family size, children’s ages (melted chocolate on the seat of a new A6 would not go over well) and his already taxed budget. Audi’s are great cars, sleek and stylish, but it’s not the right car for him now.

Social media for business is kind of the same way. Many business just jump into Facebook and Twitter because they read or heard that this is the thing to do. Social media can be an effective marketing tool for promoting business, but not every platform is right for every type of business. Not all social network are the same or have the same type of audience.

So what social media works for what type of business? Here is a quick rundown below. Keep in mind, any business can make social media work if it is committed to putting in the work. Some businesses, are more conducive to attracting an audience on  certain social network and this may just make it easier to keep up with the work.

Social Media Type of Business that Could Really Benefit
Facebook entertaining (restaurants, radio, design, etc.), women’s markets, youth (30 under) market, products in areas where people have passion (hobbies, sports, home, etc.)
Twitter services, industries that are changing quickly/have lots of new information often (tech, medicine, finance, etc.)
LinkedIn  consultants, service professions, freelancers
 Tumblr businesses in a very specific niche (oak furniture, plus size wedding gowns, etc.)
 Pinterest business that sell products or create a product line, business that have visual stimulation (a vacation resort, photograper, etc.)
Google Plus  Technical businesses, entertainment business
 Flickr business that have visual stimulation (a vacation resort, photograper, etc.), business that sell products or create a product line
 YouTube  any business

And, like a car, it doesn’t matter what type you have, if you don’t get in it and drive it, you will go nowhere. Just having an account on a social media platform will do nothing for your business. You have to work the account: post regularly, provide information, engage your fans, etc.

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